Research Labs

OrthoStim Accelerator has research lab space at LABioMed and BioLabs LA in Torrance, CA via Leonhardt’s Launchpads and in Northern California via the UNC Foundation and King Technology Ventures as well as two staffed R&D labs in Salt Lake City Utah in Research Park and at BioInnovations Gateway. They have access to R&D facilities and close research collaborators at all other locations including Australia. OrthoStim Accelerator is partnered with the DeviceLab in Tustin, CA for prototype building and testing and Mettler Electronics in Anaheim, CA for bench top bioelectric stimulator OEM manufacturing. The accelerator has a strong relationship with Rev1 Engineering in Murietta, California as well for prototype development and design. OrthoStim Accelerator sources micro stimulators from MedAlly and QIG Greatbatch and portable stimulators from Prizm Medical. Biomerics in Utah and Minneapolis is an OEM provider of OEM catheters and pacing leads.


Leonhardt Ventures led by inventor Howard J. Leonhardt has been developing breakthrough patented medtech innovations since the 1980s and is most well known for developing the leading stent graft system for aortic aneurysm repair in the 1990s and the first stem cell based heart regeneration therapies in the 2000’s. Link to patents > https://patents.justia.com/inventor/howard-j-leonhardt

OrthoStim Accelerator has invited some of the leading orthopedic, regenerative and sport medicine physicians and scientists to our advisory board